The 8 Best Exercise Tracking Apps In 2022

The 8 Best Exercise Tracking Apps In 2022

The 8 Best Exercise Tracking Apps In 2022. It can be challenging to choose the best workout log app out of the countless options available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store, especially if you’re just beginning your fitness journey. Here is a list of the top workout tracking apps to help you schedule, keep track of, and plan your gym visits so you can make the most of your fitness time.

1. Workit

Workit, a free app for iOS and Android, provides simple methods for entering data, making routines, keeping track of workouts, and seeing your progress. Numerous exercises are offered, each with a description, an animation, and a link to a YouTube video. Using a helpful plate-racking calculator, you can load securely.

Start out by using well-known programmes (such as Stronglifts, Starting Strength, PPL, and more) or by creating your own. Exercise and the body part trained make it simple to see your progress, and Workit makes keeping track of your cardio sessions simple.

2. Fitbod

Fitbod is an iOS-only coach and trainer, not just a log book. Fitbod’s training algorithm analyses your strength-training ability, past workouts, and gym equipment. It creates a custom workout. Fitbod suggests a daily workout based on A. S. Prilepin’s powerlifting chart. You can freely swap exercises that target the same muscles. Fitbod includes a library of exercises with descriptions and form videos.

Fitbod’s not free. New users get a free trial to use the app for a specified time, then are automatically upgraded to Fitbod Elite premium. Fitbod Elite allows unlimited workouts.

3. Stacked

Stacked Exercise Tracking helps you build muscle, get strong, and lose weight faster. Stack lets you define exercises, combine them into workouts, and schedule workouts. The app includes all the basic exercises and a few routines from Mike Matthews’ series.

Stacked uses logging sets. Rest timer, previous workout data, personal records, 1RM calculator, number keyboards, and plate picker. Stacked lets you pre-set workout playlists and control playback from the log. You can track body measurements, define goals, and view graphs. Stacked Pro adds features.

4. Strong

Strong Exercise Tracking, free for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch, plans and logs workouts. It includes an extensive library of exercises and an easy way to enter data. Adding and removing sets and exercises is quick. The app provides a history, charts, and records. Strong lets you combine activities as you go. Free Strong saves unlimited workouts but only three custom routines. Strong PRO offers unlimited routines and PRO features.

5. Jefit

Jefit tracks and manages workouts. Combine more than 1,000 exercises to make a plan. Jefit offers customised workouts. Easy training logs, rest time, workout tracking, and data analysis. Jefit is a social workout log. Share routines with friends or download others’ plans, enter contests, brag about workout stats, and synchronise your data. Jefit’s basic plan is free, but premium plans unlock more features.

6. GymBook

Free iOS app GymBook offers an unlimited number of workouts, exercises, journal entries, in-depth workout analysis, and more. For a fee, additional features can be unlocked. It includes a few sample workouts and about 100 predefined workouts. Heat maps let you see which areas of the body will hurt the most after adding or changing something. It features useful graphs for body measurements and exercises.

7. Simple Workout Log

Simple Workout Log’s appearance, utility, and organisation are simple. With your history, performance graph, and plate calculator, logging sets is easy. You can turn exercises into routines and see graphical results. Unique features include a workout summary page, powerful graphing of strength and cardio exercises, superset logging, cloud backup, and Excel export.

Simple Workout Log has a web version for reviewing data and setting up routines. A Pro version removes ads.

8. HeavySet

You’ll find an excellent, well-designed fitness tracker app when you open HeavySet, which is only accessible on iOS devices. Data entry is simple, even with trembling hands or legs, thanks to strategically placed, large buttons. Typically, you only need to tap once to log a set, and HeavySet’s intelligent predictions take care of the tedious work.

You don’t have to give up control of creating routines thanks to HeavySet’s cleverness. You can define custom supersets, specify rep ranges, and choose your weights based on intensity.

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