PSL 2023 All Teams Kits and Logo (New Kits For PSL 2023)

PSL 2023 All Teams Kits and Logo (New Kits For PSL 2023)

Looking for PSL 2023 All Teams Kits and Logo? So this platform is the best for all of you and especially PSL lovers and fans. Because we are uploading the official kits and logo of all the PSL teams and the same as in the PSL 2023 kits and Logo of all the teams.

Here I am posting Kits and Logo of all teams with official images, original PSL jerseys, PSL 2023 team jerseys, and PSL jerseys, such as Multan Sultan, Karachi Kings, Lahore Qalandars, Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiators, and Peshawar Zalmi.

There is no official word yet on the PSL 7 Karachi Kings team kit and we don’t know exactly what it will look like. However, the franchise has mostly kept its team kits pretty simple over the years and we’re not seeing any dramatic changes this year either.

We might see the new kit drawing some inspiration from the PSL 2022 Karachi Kings team kit which featured the Royal Blue color all over. The trims of the kit for last season were in red and they looked so cool with the overall color scheme and design. Previously, it used to be in yellow color for the earlier seasons. However, with the color scheme changed recently, we expect it to remain the same for, at least, a couple of seasons moving forward.

The Karachi Kings logo is probably the simplest among the six franchises that participate in the Pakistan Super League. It doesn’t feature too many design elements and still looks great. It features the Lion King’s face at the top, and below, an elegant font represents the team name “Karachi Kings” in two steps with a dotted line separating the two words. Karachi is written in white while Kings is written in golden yellow. The team logo also appears on the kit right there on the chest.

Karachi Kings Team Kit

Baber Azam in Karachi Kings Team Kit for PSL 2022
Baber Azam in Karachi Kings Team Kit for PSL 2022

Karachi Kings Team Logo

PSL 2022 Karachi Kings Logo

As usual, the new kits are revealed just before the tournament in a small ceremony and we hope the same trend will follow for the PSL 2022 Multan Sultans team kit reveal as well. Do you want major changes? Well, we may see some changes to the new kit design, but for the most part, things will stay the same.

The new Multan Sultans logo introduced by the new management was a kind of remake of their first logo which featured a conqueror riding a horse and making a victory sign by waving his bat. However, the new logo also features the fort and the shrine in the background. Also, the jockey is now shown straight pointing his bat forward instead of towards the viewer. The horse features the word “Multan” written in yellow, while “Sultans” is written in bold letters just below it and serves as the basis for the logo. Below the logo is the team slogan “Janoob Ki Pehchan” written in Urdu. It means “The Identity of the South”. Overall, it’s quite a creative logo with so many design elements.

Multan Sultans Team Kit

Multan Sultans Team Kit

Multan Sultans Team Logo

PSL 2022 Multan Sultans Logo

Just like every other team, Quetta Gladiators are also busy with PSL 8 draft preparations. There is not much focus on team kits and other ancillary things like the PSL 8 Quetta Gladiators Anthem. However, we can expect something similar to the previous edition of the Pakistan Super League. And, one thing is for sure, purple will remain the most dominant color on the PSL 2023 Quetta Gladiators team uniform as ever.

The Quetta Gladiators logo is quite attractive and aggressive. It features a gladiator mask on top placed in the middle of two cricket bats. Below that, the team name is written on a banner and at the bottom is written “Shan-e-Pakistan” in Urdu, which means “The Pride of Pakistan”. The team colors of purple, gold and yellow are quite apparent in the Quetta Gladiators logo.

Quetta Gladiators team Kit

PSL 2022 Quetta Gladiators Team Kit

Quetta Gladiators team Logo

PSL 2022 Quetta Gladiators Logo

All the Islamabad United fans are already looking forward to the PSL 8 Islamabad United Team Kit so that they can purchase it for the upcoming PSL season which is scheduled entirely in Pakistan. Fans love wearing official team uniforms when they hit the field, and this is the case too.

The Islamabad United logo is one of the most appreciated logos in the entire Pakistan Super League. It is basically a lion’s face that appears in the center drawn with the team colors red, orange, and yellow. “Islamabad” is written at the top, while “United” is written at the bottom of this lion’s face. Both phrases are written in a nice and elegant font. On the ‘United’ side, the team’s slogan is written, that is, ‘United We Win’.

Islamabad United Team Kit

Islamabad United Team Kit
Islamabad United Team Kit

Islamabad United Team Logo

Islamabad United Logo

The new PSL 2023 Lahore Qalandars team kit will be revealed in January next year. At the moment, officials and team management have not said much about this. However, each time it arrives, it is expected to be a special kit with a somewhat new design.

The Lahore Qalandars logo is quite creative but still features the old team colors of red and black with a Qalandar (Sufi) posing in ‘Raqs’ in a white dress and red turban. Behind him are dismantled cricket stumps with bails flying in the air. The man is essentially standing on a cricket ball which is shown in the lower section of the logo. On top of everything, the team name is written in bold. Below the logo, the team slogan “Dama Dam Mast” is written in both Urdu and English.

Lahore Qalandars Team Kit

Lahore Qalandars Team Kit

Lahore Qalandars Team Logo

PSL 2022 Lahore Qalandars Logo

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