How To Use A Chromecast To Mirror An iPhone?

How To Use A Chromecast To Mirror An iPhone?

How To Use A Chromecast To Mirror An iPhone? You may want to mirror your phone’s display on your TV for a variety of reasons. Most smartphones allow you to do a variety of things, including browse pictures, play games at a high resolution and even watch movies or your favourite TV show. An iPhone, however, is a unique creature. There are undoubtedly some things that you need to be aware of when attempting to pair your iPhone with your Chromecast dongle.

Is Native Support Available?

Sadly, iPhones do not natively support screen mirroring with a Chromecast device. Nevertheless, the neighbourhood is always eager to find solutions to these kinds of issues on its own. There are several ways to get around this problem as a result. It only requires using a third-party app on your device if you are not squeamish.

Initial Selection – Replica App

The Replica app is available in the App Store. Additionally, make sure that the Google Home app has been used to configure your Chromecast. The steps to take for a quick and easy mirroring process are listed below:

  1. Your devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. The Replica app will be opened on your phone.
  3. From the list of devices shown, select your Chromecast device, then tap it to connect to Chromecast.
  4. Select “Start Broadcast” by tapping on it.

Problems? Expect inconsistent performance from third-party apps. Older iPhones may have trouble mirroring. If you don’t properly configure your Chromecast by following on-screen prompts and identifying it, the Replica app may not display it on the list of available devices.  Why? The replica is free, so try it on any OS. Every app has upsells. Replica subscriptions improve performance and add features.

Chromecast Screen Mirror

Screen Mirror for Chromecast is another app. Developed by the streamer, it’s in the App store’s Utility category.  This app works on iPhones, iPads, and iPods. iOS 11 or later is required. Although it doesn’t support multiple languages, the interface is simple.  It’s free for two months. If you find its functionality limited or clunky, consider subscribing.

Start your free trial after downloading and installing the app, then follow the on-screen instructions. These steps involve selecting the device you want to duplicate your screen on. The app doesn’t transfer audio. Same for the Replica app.

WebTV: Web Video Casting

iWebTV is a free App Store app that streams iPhone content to Chromecast. WebTV mirrors iPhone to other devices. Download the app and tap the upper-left screen mirror icon. Assuming you’re on the same wifi network as your Chromecast, Firesticks and smart TVs will appear.

Download WebTV to your other devices to stream content seamlessly. Download WebTV from the Chromecast app store. Once connected, your iPhone or iPad can stream content.

What You Should Know About Apps That Mirror

Most of the time, apps that let you mirror your screen will do their job. But you might run into problems like DRM. This means that you can’t capture all of the apps you have open on your screen.

Even though most apps say they support HD, not all of them can guarantee that their cast will have a low delay. Last but not least, not every app that lets you mirror your phone will also let you play the sound from your phone through the TV speakers. In some situations, you should expect to have to do some extra configuration steps.

Your Computer is a Mirror

You can watch what’s on your phone on your Chromecast without downloading third-party apps by using your computer. You can send content to your PC or Mac using the phone’s built-in screen mirroring feature. Once the two devices are connected to the same wifi network, set up your Chromecast as you normally would and start streaming.

Try these steps to link your computer to your Chromecast:

  • Make sure that both your PC or Mac and your Chromecast are on the same wifi network.
  • Click on the menu button in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.
  • Click the “Cast” button.
  • Choose the option to have your screen mirrored.

You can choose to cast just the Chrome browser or the whole screen. Since you’ll be mirroring your iPhone, it’s best to cast your whole screen for our purposes.

Does It Make Sense to Use a Mirroring App?

Well, there’s no way around it if you have an iPhone and want to use your Chromecast TV as your phone’s screen. Since Apple isn’t making any progress in this area with screen mirroring, you’ll have to use free apps with limited features or pay for a full-service experience. The good news is that there are at least three apps that are easy to use and can cast videos of high quality.

One day, hopefully, Google Chrome for Apple will let you cast your content. As of the time this article was written, it didn’t, so we’ll have to wait for updates to make it easier for people to watch shows and movies on their Apple phones and Chromecasts.

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