How To Reset Your iPhone Passcode?

How To Reset Your iPhone Passcode?

You’ve probably forgotten your iPhone password before. You cannot access any of your photos, contacts, or social media accounts if they are locked on the lock screen. Perhaps you have recently reset your passcode but cannot remember the details. Perhaps you’ve not used your phone in a while and forgot your passcode. No matter what the issue, Apple will help you reset your iPhone’s (or iPad’s) password. You should have backed up your device last time, as you may lose some of the most recent data.

How to reset your iPhone passcode

You will first need to choose a method to reset your device completely before you can reset your passcode. If you forgot your passcode, it is usually necessary to choose a method to reset your iPhone. Backup comment: If you have not backed up before, your data will not be saved.

Before proceeding, ensure that you have the Apple password associated with your Apple ID. Your phone will be reset immediately after you do this. To bypass Apple’s Activation Lock, you will need to enter the Apple ID password and go through the setup process.

Step 1: Recovery Mode

You will first need to set your device in Recover Mode. This will require a button combination to allow your phone to communicate with your computer. The exact button combination depends on the make and model of your phone. Scroll down to find specific instructions for your device.

iPhone 8 and Newer

There are now a few steps you can take to reset an iPhone that doesn’t have a “home” button. Your computer will be used in the same way as older models. After connecting, follow the steps below to reset your iPhone.

  • Don’t plug your phone into your computer yet. To power down your phone, long-press the side buttons. Turn it off by moving the slider along the top of your screen.
  • After pressing the up button, move on to the down button. Finally, long-press the side buttons while plugging it in. Don’t hold the buttons together. Instead, feather them in order.

You will see the screenshot below if you did it correctly.

iPhone 7

You can reset your passcode on an iPhone 7 model. However, it’s a slightly different combination of buttons.

  • While plugging the phone into the computer, press the volume up button. Continue holding the button down until the phone displays the recovery screen.

iPhone 6S and Older

You can reset your passcode on an older iPhone model. However, this button combination is slightly different.

  • Turn off your iPhone, plug it into your computer and hold the Home button until your iPhone displays the Recovery Mode screen.

Step 2: Recovery Mode

You can only restore your device if you have never synced with iTunes, or set up Find My iPhone to iCloud. Recovery mode will wipe your device and your passcode so you can set a new one.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer first. Next, open iTunes. After your device has been connected, force it to restart by pressing the following buttons: volume upvolume downwakeSleep.
  • The next screen will present you with the option to Restore or Update. Select Restore and your iPhone will download the software.
  • After the download process is completed, you can set up and use your device.

Alternative Method: Reset Your Passcode using iTunes

You can wipe your device and the passcode from iTunes if you have previously synced it with iTunes. Follow these steps:

  • If you are asked for a passcode by iTunes, connect your device to another computer that you have synced with. You can also try recovery mode if this fails.
  • Wait for iTunes to sync and create a backup. After the backup and sync are complete, click Restore iPhone or relevant device.
  • Choose your device from iTunes and choose the most relevant backup based on date and size.
    You’ll see the Setup screen when you are trying to restore your iOS device. Tap Restore From iTunes Backup.

Alternate Method: Factory Reset Remotely via iCloud

A remote reset can be done if you don’t have your smartphone with you but it is connected to Wi-Fi and cellular data. You can also use this method if your phone is not accessible. This method won’t work if you don’t have a 2FA setup and cannot receive the code to your number on file or any other apple device.

  1. Log in to iCloud, and click Find My iPhone.
  2. To reset the device, click on it.
  3. Click Delete iPhone.

It will erase all settings and content as long as there is an internet connection. Sign in to your Apple ID, restart the phone and then set it up. You have two options: restore it from iCloud, or create a new device.

Set Your iPhone Passcode First or Once You Know Your Passcode

You will be asked to create a passcode when you set up your iPhone. You can skip this step or change your mind later. These are the steps to follow.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down until Touch ID is found and Passcode is displayed.
  • Choose Turn Passcode on or Modify Passcode. You will need to create a new passcode while the latter will require that you enter your current passcode before you can change to a different one.

Simple. You can forget your passcode until you have to reset the device. In that case, refer to the sections below.

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