How To Play Previous Wordle Puzzle Games Today

How To Play Previous Wordle Puzzle Games Today

Do you want to solve past/old Wordles? Here’s how to play Wordle games from days gone by and enjoy more than one puzzle a day as many times as you like.

Wordle enthusiasts, rejoice! Now there is a way to play the above wordle puzzles online. Since the original Wordle game follows a strict format of one puzzle per day, this is how you can practice your word guessing skills and master them for the upcoming daily puzzles.

How to Play Previous Days Old Wordle Games?

how to play previou wordle puzzle online
  • Fans can play the previous Wordle games with the help of this Wordle Archive. It has ALL the word puzzles from day 1 in 2021 to 2022. You can keep playing in descending order or you can click on a link of a particular date and start guessing.
  • Apart from this, there is also this archive that has previous games. It’s a Devang Thakkar file that works pretty well.
  • Also, here is a Wordle time machine where you simply need to pick a date to play the Wordle puzzle for that day.

There are a few more methods to play older Wordles, but they involve changing the time and date on your device and also accessing the Wayback Machine. But those methods require a lot of steps and can be a hassle for players who just want to play quick word games. Therefore, I suggest you use the easy access links mentioned above and have fun!

Where can I play more Wordle?

On Wordle Archive, if you want the game to throw a random challenge to you, it’s possible via the “Play a Random Wordle” section. These random puzzles are unlimited so you won’t fall short of words to guess.

How to Play 6 Letter Wordle?

If you’re ready to challenge yourself even more, try Guessing 6 Letter Wordles here. This and some of these best starting words tips are sure to help you increase your vocabulary.

Word Race – Competitive Wordle

wordle archiv online

Wordle is a competitive game, but it’s not directly competitive, right? Well not anymore! With Word Race, you can compete with an opponent where both of you try to guess the word first. The rules are exactly like Wordle, so there is no separate learning curve for this. You can also share your results on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site from here.

That’s it for this one. If you are obsessed with this game, there are some iPhone wordle game alternatives that you can download where you can play more than one-word puzzle game per day.

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