How to Invite People to Like a Facebook Page In 2022?

How to Invite People to Like a Facebook Page In 2022?

How to Invite People to Like a Facebook Page In 2022? Facebook page is a great way to help your business show presence and gain exposure on social media. Good news, this platform allows you to invite people to like your page in order to catch more attention from the audience. Do you know how to invite people to like a Facebook page?

Here, you’re about to learn how to invite friends and non-friends to like a Facebook page. You will also get to know how to create a Facebook page so you can promote your own or other’s business. Keep scrolling!

How to Create a Facebook Page

Before getting to know how to invite friends to like your page, it would be much better to learn how to create a page on Facebook. This platform allows you to create a page for different purposes, such as business, organizations, brands, and public figures.

Through the page, you can share events, activities, stories, and connect with the audience. People who follow your page will get updates as you post.

Creating a Facebook page is quite simple. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose a page type, be it business, brand, community, or public figure and click Get Started.
  • You will need to enter business information. Pick a page name and choose a category. Click Create Page.
  • Upload a profile picture that represents your page. Don’t forget to upload a cover image. Be sure to choose an image with a good visual to impress your audience.
  • Next, create a username. It’s also called vanity URL that consists of up to 50 characters. As it helps people find your page, be sure it is easy to remember.
  • Select Create Page @username, then choose Create Username
  • Add business details such as description, contact, location, and business hours.
  • Now you can create the first post.

Before you invite friends or people to like your page, it’s essential to post engaging content. It can be a greeting or something valuable about your business.

How to Invite Friends to Like Page on Facebook

Once you created a page on Facebook, naturally you want to invite friends to like it. How to invite people to like a Facebook page won’t require extra effort. With easy steps, you can send invites to one or more friends.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Launch Facebook and log in with your email and password.
  • From the News Feed, navigate to the left panel and select Pages.
  • Visit a page. Scrolling down, then you can find Invite Friends to Like Your Page
  • Select See All Friends. This will open your friends list.
  • Choose friends you want to send invite by clicking the box next to friends’ name. Or, click Select All to send invite to all friends.
  • Facebook also lets you send invite in Messenger. Simply click Also send each invite in Messenger box.
  • Click Send Invites.

Your friends will receive notifications that they have been invited to like the page. The invitation will go to their Invites tab as well as Facebook Messenger.See also  How To Turn Off Comments On A Facebook Post

How to Invite Non-Friends to Like Page on Facebook

When you have sent invites to all friends but the likes are less than 100,000, you can start sending invites to non-friends. This is a great way to garner more likes so that you can promote and expand business exposure in social media.

How to send invites to non-friends? It’s quite simple, but you have to make sure they have reacted to your page’s post. Check on your post and see who have hit like to that post. Facebook will tell you which users have liked the page and which ones haven’t.

Here’s how to invite people who reacted to your post:

  • Open your Facebook and log in if necessary. 
  • From News Feed, select Pages in the left panel.
  • Choose a post you wish to see the reaction and click the reaction section. This will show who have liked your post.
  • You will know if the people have liked your pages and those who haven’t. For people who haven’t liked your page, click Invite next to the person’s name.

They will receive invite to like your page. Please note this method is only available if your page has less than 100,000 likes. If it already has more, you’ll be able to add people as friends instead of sending invites.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Now that you’ve known how to invite people to like a Facebook page, it’s important to learn how to optimize the page. Especially if you’re running a business, optimizing Facebook page helps you reach marketing goals.

With the page, people can get updates of your products, events, activities, and more. It also helps establish two-way communication with people so you can build a better engagement. So, here’s a complete list of how to optimize a Facebook page:

  • Make a Schedule

Posting regularly makes your page professional. You can decide to post everyday or every other day so people know when your post will come up. Once you created a schedule, it’s important to stick to it.

  • Add CTA

Call to action (CTA) makes your page more engaging. Luckily, Facebook has a built-in CTA button that helps customers find what they are looking for. This button allows people to shop, download app, or learn more about your business.

  • Pin Important Post

If you have any important information you wish all visitors see, simply pin a post. A pinned post will sit at the top of your page, allowing visitors to easily read it. How to pin a post? Click the three-dot icon next to your post and select Pin to Top of Page.

  • Like Other Pages

It’s a good idea to get connected to other pages. You can build a community with other pages that are relevant to your business. You can support each other, not to mention it’s a great way to garner more followers.

To sum up, Facebook page is a great way to get in touch with your target audience, fans, or customers. The more likes you get on the page, the more exposure you’ll receive. How to invite people to like a Facebook page is simple, so you can easily optimize the page to achieve your goal.

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