How to become Offline on Call of Duty: Mobile In 2022

How to become Offline on Call of Duty: Mobile In 2022

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best online Battle Royale games with PvP and Sniper gameplay. It has a multiplayer mode in which you can play with up to 100 players on different maps. Being a multiplayer game, it lets you play with your friends as Duo or Quad. But sometimes, you get a lot of invitations from your friends and you look for ways to work offline on Call of Duty Mobile.

There is no doubt that COD Mobile always releases fresh content with every season. The game has transformed the gaming experience with classic modes such as Team Death Match, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and more. Call of Duty: Mobile has many powerful weapons, grenades, launchers, snipers, assault rifles, etc.

How to Become Offline on Call of Duty: Mobile

We make many friends in COD Mobile and start playing multiple hours of gameplay with them. You can also play your next matches with players from recent matches. Moreover, you can join clans and parties to interact with more players.

Players on your friend’s list can easily send you team invites to play together. Getting a few invites to look pretty, but it becomes frustrating when you start getting tons of invites from the players. However, you can block them one by one so you’d not receive any further updates from them.

But this process takes too much time, and you don’t want to ruin your gameplay hours. To deal with such types of situations, many games provide offline features so players can play their matches privately.

Can we play Call of Duty Mobile Offline?

Unfortunately not. There is not a feature in this game that allows you to appear offline while playing the game. This is an online game and when you launch this game, your friends can see your online status. They can send you requests to join their match and it depends on you whether you want to play or not.

However, you can set the offline status to gaming consoles such as PS4, PS5, or Xbox. As many gaming consoles feature that players can hide their online status. Sadly, android or iOS phones don’t have such types of features.

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