fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508

fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508

Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508, Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles and the company has released many popular games like Pokemon, Animals Crossing, etc. As we know every device has some glitches and Nintendo Switch users get error code 2124-4508.

Basically, this bug warns that Nintendo has banned your Nintendo Switch console and you can’t play games online. When players open their Nintendo Switch, they see a glitch on their screen: “Use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo.”

Nintendo Switch error codes 2124-4007 or 2124-4508 prevent you from using Nintendo’s online services, and you may not play any games. So the first question that comes to mind is why Nintendo blocked my switch console. Here you will find all the details related to this problem and how to fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508?

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508 Or 2124-4007 And Reasons For Ban:

Error code 2124-4508 does not give you access to Nintendo Switch’s online services like eShop and others. If you try to do this you will get error 2124-4508. The reasons for this error code and ban are quite simple.

This error occurs on your Nintendo Switch screen because you have violated the Game and Developers Policy. You may have violated the Nintendo Code of Conduct, and as a result, your account has been blocked.

Main reasons for Nintendo Switch Console Ban:

  • Playing Pirated Games: Nintendo does not allow its users to download and play pirated and illegal games using the certificate verification method. If you attempt to do so, your Nintendo Switch will be permanently banned.
  • Unauthorized transactions: Do not attempt to transact using fraudulent and stolen credit cards, otherwise your account will be permanently blocked.
  • Violation of Nintendo Code of Conduct: If a user violates the Nintendo User Agreement and Policy, his or her account may be temporarily or permanently blocked.

fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508

Well, there is no specific solution to this problem. You can no longer use the online services and only developers can fix it. You have to wait 24 hours, many players said the ban was automatically lifted after 24 hours.

If this does not go as planned and you are seeing Nintendo Switch Error Codes 2124-4007 or 2124-4508 on your screen, you may be permanently banned.

You can contact Nintendo Customer Support from here, and ask them about your problem. Because of Covid-19, you have to wait because they are working from home.

You can contact them via text message, chat, phone calls or help tickets. Let them know your problem and they’ll convince you “why your Nintendo Switch is banned.” I hope you are satisfied with their response and will not violate the Nintendo Code of Conduct again in the future.

So here are the full details of how to fix Nintendo Switch Console Ban Fix, and how to fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-4508 or 2124-4007? I hope this article has helped you, and you can help us by sharing this article.

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