Today’s Canuckle 61 April 11, 2022 Answer, Hints and Solution

Today’s Canuckle 61 April 11, 2022 Answer, Hints and Solution

Here is the answer and some tips for the Canuckle 61 word for today, published on April 11, 2022.

Canuckle is the Canadian version of Wordle where all the words have a Canadian theme. The rules of the game are the same where players must guess the five-letter word without clues. Once a guess has been made, the tiles will change color to tell you if the letters you’ve guessed are in the answer and if you’ve placed them correctly in the word.

The colors are slightly different, only the bright red replaces the green to show that you have the correct letter in the correct place. The other two colors are the same, yellow and gray, which lets you know if the letter is in the word or not. There is also a fun fact that is given to you when you guess the answer and you can watch the fun facts expand on their Twitter account, @CanuckleGame.

We’ll cover the answers, let you know the fun facts at the end of the puzzle, and give you hints first to help you guess the word yourself!

Canuckle 61 Hints Today – April 11, 2022

As the word can be quite difficult, we have some hints for Canuckle 61 to help you to solve it, which are:

Hint 1: Contains the letter R.
Hint 2: It starts with the letter O.
Hint 3: There is one vowel in the word.
Hint 4: It is a soft, white substance formed when milk coagulates, used as the basis for cheese.

What is the Canuckle 61 Answer Today? (April 11th, 2022)

Today’s Canuckle Answer

Please Note: The answer given below belongs to Canuckle #61 for the date April 11, 2022.


The fun fact today is:

Poutine (fries topped with cheese curds and gravy) is popular all over Canada and as such it is considered the country’s national dish.

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