Best Android games under 1 GB

Best Android games under 1 GB

Here are the best Android games for your Android mobile phone with less than 1 GB. If your phone lacks storage, you can easily download and install these games. In addition, games for Android with less than 1 GB run smoothly and without interruption.

These games are readily available on the Playstore so you can install them directly on your phone. We’ve provided some brief details about these games, so you can easily find out what you’re looking for.

1. Garena Free Fire – The Cobra (700MB)

Free Fire is the second most played survival shooter game where you land on an island and have to fight against 49 players. This game is similar to PUBG and it requires an active internet connection to play the game. The size of this game is approx 700MB and you can play this game even on a 1GB RAM phone.

Basically, this is a survival game plotted on an island where you can loot guns, medicines, helmets, armors, etc. You have to kill other players to survive in the game and use healing materials to increase your health. Here you can get many weapons, snipers, and grenades to defeat your enemy. You can invite your friends into the lobby to play together or you can also play it with random people. The player who fights till the last wins the game. You can spectate your enemy or your teammates if you die in the game.

2. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Game (373MB)

This is one of my favorite shooting games which has 10+ maps, interesting characters, automated guns, and some sci-fi gadgets. There are some supervillains in this game and you will have to kill them all to proceed to the next mission.

This game contains many campaigns in which you will have to kill all the bad guys. To make this game more interesting, there are some supervillains who will not let you win. You can use snipers and drones to kill enemies, and you will get a team to cover and protect you.

The zombie mode of this game is too interesting where you can kill zombies and earn money to update your abilities. You will feel that you are traveling across the world in this game, the maps of this game are fantastic and places like deserts, forests, bunkers, godowns, etc make this game more beautiful.

3. Gangstar New Orleans Openworld (970MB)

If you like crime games, then this game can fulfill your will. This game is all about robbery, crime, gangsters, missions, and driving. However, this is an open-world game, where you have to do robberies and defend your gang from outer threats.

This game contains missions too and you will unlock new levels by completing missions. Here are 100s of guns and vehicles, where you can roam around the city. The graphics of this game is much appreciable. You can take anyone’s car, bike, or a helicopter just like GTA and wander on the island. The controls of this game are much sensitive and anyone can handle them easily. The size of this game Android game is 1 GB and can be played smoothly on android phones having 2GB RAM or more.

4. Hitman Sniper (637MB)

Do you also love sniper games? Hitman Sniper game is the best sniping game available for android and its high-quality graphics and sound effects make this game more valuable. This game will test your abilities, response time, and reaction.

Overall, this game is perfect and you will feel that you are playing this game on a computer. The controls of this game can be adjusted as you want. This game contains many missions and you will get a sniper gun to kill some badasses. You will have to shoot your target from 500 meters and the best thing is that you have to kill many targets in a single mission. To make missions more complicated, bodies should be hidden otherwise guards will catch you. However, it has only 1 map and the player has to kill the same characters every time with some more difficulties.

5. Need for Speed No Limits

How can a game lover forget this name, Need for Speed No Limits also takes place on our list because of its amazing gameplay. Wear the seat belt and dominate all the players to rule the streets. This is one of my personal favorite racing games because of its high-quality graphics, super sound effects, and controls.

Stuff your garage with real-world cars like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani, etc, and take down the competition. You have to complete missions to achieve parts of the car and unlock new cars by winning the races. Nitro booster lets win easily but you will have to use it at the right time. There are over 1000s of races and supercars. This Android game also comes under 1 GB for your android mobile phone.

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6. Shadow Fight 4 – Arena PvP

Shadow Fight 4 is the best 3D fighting game in which you can fight like an ancient warrior. You can unlock players and use their abilities to fight against your opponent. If you have to win in this game then you must win 2 rounds out of 3. You can choose and use your top 3 players to fight against your enemy.

This game contains many characters who are outstanding, moreover, it’s a player versus player fighting game, so you can play along with your friends by making your own team. Here you will have to prove your abilities by hitting your opponents at the right place.

7. Evolution 2 (546MB)

This game is plotted on the planet “Utopia” which is burning in the war by ruthless marauders, monsters, and battle robots. It’s a sci-fi shooting game and the main character of this game is Captain blake, his superpowers came from some experiments. He is like Winter Soldier who is ready to kill anyone by your command.

There are so many sci-fi guns, powerful weapons, plenty of missions, and online battle where you will be rewarded as bonus gifts you manage to win the top position. In this game, you can also use sniper and short guns to kill enemies. The controls and graphics of this game are fantastic and it takes 546MB to install on your phone.

8. Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Do you also like survival games, then you should definitely try this awesome zombie shooting and survival game. This game has characters, awesome graphics and the dark scenes make this game much more beautiful.

In this game, you will have to save your family and yourself from the sights of zombies. You will get some guns, knives, grenades, firearms, explosives, etc. Weapons will be unlocked, when you will complete the stages and chapters. There are 7 chapters, 60 stages, and many hard challenges that you will have to complete in order to save your family. This game is free to play and can be played offline too. This Android game also comes under 1 GB for your android mobile phone.

9. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real-time game in which you have to attack your enemies’ castle to loot coins and you can use them to build your own castles. You will need an active internet connection to serf this game. There are many characters in this game as Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby dragons, etc.

Duel and Multiplayer options are available in this game, so you can invite your friends into your clan to conquer the castles together. You will be rewarded as gems, coins, golds, and every hour chests. If you unlock 2 crown chests, then you can get 1400 gems or you can use gems and coins to unlock more chests. You can get gems when you will complete the quest. Many quests contain 30-50 gems after completion.

10. Real Cricket 20 (558MB)

Now, this comes the last game on our list and it is only for cricket fans who love to play cricket games. Real Cricket 20 is too good from other games that are available on Playstore because it has 20+ teams, and 1000s of players of all teams whether they play or not in current matches.

The best thing about this game is that there are many options to play like IPL, T-20, Test cricket, ODI, World cup, and you can select your overs and players. You can skip innings, it will play itself and you can bowl or bat or you can try both. Overall, this game has all the stuff, that anyone wants in cricket games.

Last Words:

This is the list of some best action-packed android games under 1 GB. I have personally played them all, so I made this list. It was a great experience while playing these games because of their graphics, sound effects, controls, and outstanding characters.

However, there are many other games that come under 1 GB and we will add them later. If you will play these games you will know how long you’ve missed these iconic games.

I have mentioned these games in many genres like survival, action, shooting, open world, zombies, sci-fi, and cricket.

I hope you liked these android games under 1 GB for your android phone. We would like to hear your thoughts via the comment section below.


Q: Which is the best game under 1GB?

A: The best games under 1GB for android are:

  • Garena Free Fire – The Cobra (700MB)
  • Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Game
  • Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld
  • Hitman Sniper
  • Need for Speed No Limits
  • Shadow Fight 4
  • Evolution 2
  • Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival
  • Clash Royale
  • Real Cricket 20

Q: Can I Play 1GB of games on an android phone having 2GB RAM?

A: Yes, you can play GB of android games on your smartphone. However, you will see lag sometimes but it will play smoothly.

Q: Can I Play Free Fire in a 2GB RAM Phone?

A: Yes, you can play the Free Fire game on your 2GB RAM mobile phone. Many players play this game on 2GB RAM phones and their reactions are good.

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